Many of the suggested books shown on our home page were read within the OPC Atkinson Reading Group.

The Atkinson Reading Group is named for our former pastor, Ted Atkinson, who founded the discussion group in November 1995. The group came into being after a sermon by Rev. Atkinson on the content of a short story by Flannery O’Connor. He asked from the pulpit if anyone in the congregation was interested in reading and discussing the other short stories in the collection, Everything that Rises Must Converge.

Membership is not limited to church members and anyone is encouraged to come, even if only once in while when a selection appeals to them. The group meets at the church ten times a year (omitting July and December), typically at 7:00 PM on the last Monday of the month, and has covered a wide variety of books: modern fiction and non-fiction, biographies, classic fiction, short stories, etc. The group prefers to stick to books available in paperback and will decide which books to read by consensus. Currently the Atkinson Reading Group has nine members, including four charter members, and would love to welcome new members. If you enjoy reading and would like to get involved, contact Woody Hartgrove.

Check the OPC Events Calendar for the next meeting date and title.